• Creates a separated six level building at the corner of Etley Avenue and Grinstead Drive

• Creates a communal gathering space between the corner building and balance of the structure

• Showcases a variety of building materials with more traditional materials on Grinstead and more contemporary on Lexington Road and the towers above

• Eliminates parking from perimeter of building such that the entire structure, except points of access, are surrounded by residential and commerical uses

• Adds solar panels to the roof area not already proposed as a green space

• Creates upper level green infrastructure for residents, guests, and/or public enjoyment

• Includes sustainability in various aspects of building design


• Assures retail space can accommodate highly desirable uses such as an urban grocery and bike/pedestrian-oriented businesses

• Prohibits a large number of currently permitted C-2 land uses (shown below)

• Works with city’s plan adding bike lanes on Lexington Road• Makes provisions for bicycle parking

• Makes provisions for car sharing drop off/pick up

• Makes provisions for TARC drop off/pick up• Proposes a signal at Etley Avenue and Lexington Road for left hand turns

• Proposes a pedestrian crossing signal on Etley Avenue and Grinstead Drive

• Shows dual lefts onto Grinstead and leading to I-64 ramp for better access

• Provides good access and internal circulation for all modes of travel