The streetscape along Lexington, Grinstead, and Etley will be greatly enhanced by the proposed development. The area currently has broken sidewalks, low amount of landscaping and tree canopy, and little pedestrian lighting. The proposed development presents a cohesive streetscape that unifies the block and vastly improves the pedestrian environment. The pedestrian walking/clear zone will have a minimum of 5’ clear of amenities. Street amenities include café seating, bike parking, pedestrian lighting, and street trees.

ONE PARK furthers the 2015 Lexington Road Corridor Transportation Plan by providing a destination with positive pedestrian uses in the neighborhood, as well as providing good examples of streetscapes.

A TARC bus stop on the 25 Route (on the Grinstead side of ONE PARK) will occur along Grinstead Drive. TARC considers this block fully served by mass transit with this stop as it has seven-day service.

As a part of the Charrette process, the neighbors expressed a desire to have a TARC route along Lexington Road. This should be evaluated by TARC due to the recent additions of multi-family projects along Lexington Road such as Axis on Lexington and The Woods at Lexington Road, while connecting downtown to St. Matthews on a limited stop route. The shared car pick-up/drop-off spot on Lexington Road could serve as a TARC stop for eastbound buses.



• Bike racks - Bike storage (short-term)
• Bike fix-it station(s)
• Benches
• Bollards with lighting
• Building Information Kiosks
• Café seating and tables
• Canvas canopies/awnings
• Drinking fountains (with dog bowls)
• LED lighting features and electrical connections for smart devices
• Neighborhood/city identity banners
• Outdoor power station for mobile devices
• Planter boxes/pots
• Public Art/Sculpture at the corner of Lexington and Grinstead
• Streetlights
• Trash Receptacles
• Tree wells to take in stormwater
• Tree well guards
• Wifi availability